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Our consultations contain three parts. (1) The initial discovery meeting, outlining the most important and urgent matters concerning your business. (2) The follow-up meeting to organize thoughts and set realistic expectations. (3) In the last and final meeting we typically present the client with at least three proposals to choose from. 

We build each prospective client a profile based on where their business currently stands, and build strategies to the aline with the future goals of that business. After our consultation, each client is presented with a value proposition canvas. We will then give our feedback, discuss budget, and present a series of proposals for the clients to choose from. 

As our business continues to grow, we strive to bring our clients an exceptional product that scales with their new and or existing businesses. At M- Cubed, we are committed to excellence and our goal is for you to be successful. Please understand that this is a collaborative effort, that requires the client to follow plans and suggestions. Implementation is a key driver when it comes to obtaining results based on expectations. We make it our business to make your business more successful. Let's get started!

  • 1 + Hour Voice/Video Conference Call

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
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